Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just getting started

Reflection papers? I'm almost done with them, I think. if all goes well, I should have a preliminary teaching credential when summer comes, and this favorite kind of assignment of ed school professors will be a thing of the past. Can't say I'll miss these papers - but I will miss the class discussions and regular readings on relevant topics. However, joining the blogging teachers would be a way of continuing both readings and discussions. I've learned a lot by reading other teachers' blogs - and would like to be able to initiate discussions myself, as it is hardly polite to divert a discussion on an other blog too far from its original topic in order to get my questions aired. With that, I should be ready to replace required reflection papers by writings on this site, and class discussions with debates in the edublogosphere. I hope we can learn together.


e said...

So you aren't teaching yet? I got a sense from the comments that you do. Or is it that you are, but haven't gotten the teaching credentials yet. I guess that wouldn't be surprising. It was nice chatting with you. Feel free to leave comments whether they are related to my posts or not. I am extremely curious to know how people feel about their teacher preparation programs, in particular mathematics and methods courses that they had (there is, I think, a post on my blog that asked that). Anyway, if you have time and energy, let me know. And I agree with Jonathan, that is a nice blog title for you other blog. This one as well :)
Nice meeting you.

H. said...

Thank you for visiting:) I do teach, and am almost through a two-year intern program. The actual classes have not been terribly useful, but exposure to education articles have provided some references to books that I've acquired and read on my own. Have had no math-specific classes yet, though - there are a few units of it scheduled for the end of this Spring. I believe that a primary reason why credentialing classes are generally experienced as unhelpful is that the classes purport to address all subjects and all age groups - while what you need to teach a 2nd grade reading class and to teach a 12th grade math class really are pretty different things.

I've learned more by reading blogs than I've learned in ed class. Even so, I think lack of theory is at this point less of a problem than implementation, as knowing what would be good to do, and being able to consistently perform accordingly in the classroom, are very different things, and there's little about credentialing classes that help with the latter.

Anyway, nice meeting you too, and I hope we'll have more discussions!