Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Plans

Per Dan's orders, here's my list:

  1. Catch up with friends and family. Act tourist together with mom-in-law when she comes visiting next month.

  2. Read Teaching English Language Learners, ENVoY, Getting Things Done and Kite Runner. Write a little about them here.

  3. Set up a website for my courses for next year

  4. Plan out those courses.

  5. Go for a day hike about once weekly.

  6. Figure out what exactly those BTSA requirements involve.

  7. Teach math at San Quentin one evening per week.

  8. Revive skills at novelty cake decoration that have completely atrophied the past few years.

Hm, looks like it would be a good idea to get started.


Dan Meyer said...

Dang, no. 7?! You're a badass, H. Do blog about that, would you?

H. said...

What do you mean? Compared to high school teaching, this is sheer joy. You won't find more diligent and appreciative students anywhere, and I'm not just comparing with my disenchanted teenage charges of this year. Most of the instructors in the program have day jobs teaching in the UC or CSU system, and they say the same thing.

Check the "Reading between the lines" presentation on the PUP front page. Skip past the first part by the English teacher, and note what the director, Jody Lewen, says about eduction being more than job training. Given what you've written earlier about learning I'm sure you'll relate.