Friday, August 10, 2007

Four slides

Here's my entry to Dan's challenge of selling yourself in four slides. I'm in it for the participation points.

Thankfully, by now one other blogger has submitted without using full name. So I won't be the first one. The readers who would like to produce sarcastic commentary about such practices can go ahead and do so - over on their own blogs, please.

I made the slides in Keynote - my first attempt at using that tool, and that alone would justify the time spent on it. I found the end result to be a little pretentious, but figure at this point I'll learn more from critical comments than from spending more time on trying to fix it. In any case there's no time left for that - and I'll need to add photo credits a few hours later. Got to run.

Photo Credits ...and a word of appreciation for Creative Commons and for those who make their photos available for use by others.

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